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Larry the phone guy

    I currently work by day for Dobson Fiber. Dobson provides Fiber internet services and hosted phones. Dobson is based in Oklahoma.

    Dobson acquired Pinnacle Telecommunications in 2021 to extend their reach into Arkansas. Before that, I was a part of Pinnacle.

    Many of the old telephone systems are hardly being supported any more. I have been a Toshiba phone tech for over 10 years. So, part of what I am doing on the side is keeping them running a while longer until they can be replaced.

    Once the move is made, I then offer cabling services to get businesses ready for the new Internet based phones.

What happened to Toshiba?

    They actually quit the phone business. The Surprise announcement was made early 2017 they were shutting down their business phone division. Financial reasons involving project not related to phone system was sited. Mitel bought out parts of it to continue supporting their systems for a limited time. As of October 2019, Toshiba systems officially reached EOL (End of Life).

    It is still possible to get replacement hardware through refurbishing companies to keep most systems running. Expansion is be very limited. There is no way to obtain required licenses to grow the system or use any of it's IP based features.

Don't mind the laughing

    One Sunday morning Satan decided to have a little fun and drop in on one of his favorite churches. Everyone was gathered for the morning sermon when suddenly, !#*KABOOM*#!, Satan makes an explosive appearance at the center stage. Everyone in the church jumped from fright and ran out every exit. That is everyone except one man sitting near the front row.

    Satan, upon seeing this man, went over to ask; "Do you know who I am?"

    "Of course I do"; replied the man.

    Satan was puzzled. "Why are you not frightened of me?"

    The man looked the devil in the face and said; "I've been married to your sister for twenty five years."